Skullz custom photoshop shape

1. Begin by creating a new document.

I made a file 500px X 500px

2. Press "p" on your keyboard and select the "freeform pen tool" from the drop down

Select your Shape

3. Draw out the Skullz Shape with the freeform pen tool

Make sure that you terminate each line. What this means is that every line is ended at the beginning, thus creating a circle. If you don't the shape will have breaks in it and look all messed up when you use the shape tool.

Draw the shape

4. Finish your path drawing. Goto the top, and click Edit >Define the path as a Custom Shape

define the shape

5. Select the Custom Shape tool

select the custom shape tool

6. Select your new "skull" Shape

Your path is now a shape that is vectorized and can be resized to any length. skullz shape

7. Your Finished

You can use your shape over and over. Here is my shape in use. Have fun. finished

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