Netflix movie subscription service

Netflix Movie service: Not quite there

Netflix Online Movie subscription has been around for a few years now. I thought I would see if it was worth the time. Check out my review of Netflix Movie Service. Is it worth the cabbage?

Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip

Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip: One of my Best Buys

The Eureka from Presonus is a Pro channel strip mic preamp with a Project Studio Price tag. This mean machine does wonders for any mic and impresses the pro's. Check out the Presonus Eureka.

Sony MZ-R50 Mini disc recorder

Sony MZ-R50 Mini disc player recorder: Circa 1998

I bought the Mini disc MZ-R50 from Circuit City in 1998, and I'm still using it today. Find out why I still love my Sony MZ-R50 mini disc player recorder.

Photoshop CS A to Z

Photoshop CS A to Z

Peter Bargh explains every inch of Photoshop with his easy to use reference guide for the heavy loaded image program
Check out our review of Photoshop CS A to Z by Peter Bargh.

Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition

The Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition

Daniel Giordan attempts to explain the marriage between aesthetics and advanced features of Photoshop with this version of "The Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition."
Check out our review of Daniel Giordan's Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition.

Rhapsody Music Service Review

Rhapsody Music Service

Do you spend hours on end downloading illegal tracks off of soulseek or some other P2P program, looking for some new tunes you aren't going to like anyway? Well, the path of the righteous is paved with gold my friend. Music services like Rhapsody make it easy to come clean.
Check out our true blue Review of Rhapsody Music Service.

Canon Ef75-300mm Lens Reviewed

Looking for a new zoom lens for your Canon SLR? Here is my review of the very affordable EF 75-300mm. Click here for theEF 75-300mm review along with some sample pictures of the Ef 75-300mm in action.

Canon A70 Point and Shoot Camera

Check out the review of the very hearty Canon A70. This compact point-and-shoot camera is super simple to use, and the results are always great.
Click here for theCanon A70 Review

The Reviews section will be made up of reviews of everything I can think of. It won't be any single thing. There will be reviews of movies, music, software, games, and anything else.

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