My Equipment

Acer Aspire 5670 Laptop

I love my laptop. It was cheap, and it does its job WELL. I put it through hell. It is my main machine. I run like 6 programs at a time most of the day and I run this machine allllll day (10 hrs usually). It has an Intel Core Duo Processor at 1.66 GHZ - 15.4' screen , ATI Mobility Radeon, 120 GB Hard Drive , 1 GB DDR2 Ram, wireless, bluetooth and everything else. This machine rocks and runs Windox XP like a dragon. I love it and I laugh at Mac Users who paid double for performance comparable to my ACER. I run Photoshop all day on this thing, I run 3D Programs, I run Flash and Illustrator and it never chokes. I've bought about 6 Acers now and they do what they are supposed to do, and they do it cheaper than any other laptop. ACER YOU ROCK!

Wacom Graphire 4

This graphics tablet is amazing. It is small and durable and works like a charm. It does what it is supposed to and does it well. I purchased this tablet because I got tired of having to replace batteries in my old old tab. This tablet runs stricktly off the USB output cord, uses really light drivers,and works in everything I've tried it. I use it mostly in Photoshop to quickly color illustrations and erase complicated photos. I don't regularly illustrate using a graphics tablet (I prefer pen, paper, scanner) but if I had to the Wacom Tablets are the way to go. Accept no other.

Presonus Fire Pod

I just got this firewire audio interface. So far it has performed flawlessly. It connects to the computer with via firewire (duh). It comes with a light version of CUBASE,but I use it through Sony Acid Pro 6. The interface has 8 balance inputs with 8 crystal clear mic preamps. The most I've recorded at once was 3 inputs, but it worked fantastically. It also has lots of line outs and monitor outs making it easy to track everything and monitor the outputs without having to move cords about. Great piece of audioware.

Canon Digital Rebel

Originally purchase July 2004, this is my main camera for graphic design photography. I've done fashion photography, still lifes, landscapes and just about everything else under the sun. It has been the best buy ever for my job. It has paid for itself a hundred times over. I use it all the time. I wish I could get my hands on a more professional camera (like the top of the line Canon EOS-1D Mark III but I don't have the 5,000 USD) So I'll be happy with my Rebel

Art Studio MP Tube Preamp

This handy little preamp is super cheap but can really warm up those vocals. It also makes a great direct input preamp to give a little boost on all sorts of things like bass guitars and more. It really is an amazing piece of gear.

Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip

Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip: Currently out of Commission

The Eureka from Presonus is a Pro channel strip mic preamp with a Project Studio Price tag. This mean machine does wonders for any mic and impresses the pro's. Check out the Presonus Eureka.

Sony MZ-R50 Mini disc recorder

Sony MZ-R50 Mini disc player recorder: Circa 1998

I bought the Mini disc MZ-R50 from Circuit City in 1998, and I'm still using it today. Find out why I still love my Sony MZ-R50 mini disc player recorder.

Canon Ef75-300mm Lens Reviewed

Looking for a new zoom lens for your Canon SLR? Here is my review of the very affordable EF 75-300mm Check out the review along with some sample pictures of the Ef 75-300mm in action.

Canon A70 Point and Shoot Camera

Check out the review of the very hearty Canon A70. This compact point-and-shoot camera is super simple to use, and the results are always great.
Check it out!

In the very near future there will be large lists of equipment that I use in my everyday life as a Media Specialist. There will be vast catalogues of gear that I use, as well as lots of information about things I like or dislike. Depending on the depth that I want to issue to this section there may or may not be reviews or show cased Items. At the moment however, I'm really just trying to clear up dead links.

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