2005: 2nd half: News archives

Happy New Year From Solid O

Happy New Year Fools! would like to thank everyone for showing up, looking around and taking what you need and then leaving. It has been a good year, and we've seen alot of stuff happen. Stuff like actually coming into existence. Stuff like 3rd Dimension Design moving out of the basement. Stuff like John not having to work at anything but 3dd. As you can tell, all kinds of stuff. So Thanks! I promise 2006 will be nuts. We have lots of things planned. Things like more tutorials, more reviews and more downloads and things. 2006 is full of stuff and things so come back ya hear, and bring your friends too. WORD UP YO!

Netflix movie subscription service

Netflix Movie service Review: Not quite there

Netflix Online Movie subscription has been around for a few years now. I thought I would see if it was worth the time. Check out my review of Netflix Movie Service. Is it worth the cabbage?

Ipod-esq Palmtree Tutorial

The Ipod look is just about cliché these days, but here's a quick way to make a reusable Ipod-esq palm tree brush! Woo HOO!!!

Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip

Reviewed: Presonus Eureka Pro Channel strip


The Eureka from Presonus is a Pro channel strip mic preamp with a Project Studio Price tag. This mean machine does wonders for any mic and impresses the pro's. Check out the Presonus Eureka.

Sony MZ-R50 Mini disc recorder

Sony MZ-R50 MD Player Recorder: Circa 1998

I bought the Mini disc MZ-R50 from Circuit City in 1998, and I'm still using it today. Find out why I still love my Sony MZ-R50 mini disc player recorder.

Street Fighter 2010 by Capcom : The Black Sheep

The most popular Capcom Game ever took a brief trip in the wrong direction with its 2nd game in the Street Fighter line of games. Check out the past with this brief look at Street Fighter 2010.

Photoshop CS A to Z

Photoshop CS A to Z

Peter Bargh explains every inch of Photoshop with his easy to use reference guide for the heavy loaded image program
Check out our review of Photoshop CS A to Z by Peter Bargh.

Cutting Objects With Quick Mask

Author: Graphic Mentor
Learn how to use Quick Mask Mode to cut out people and objects from their backgrounds. Learn about QuickMask now!

New Flash Tutorials added

I just added 5 new flash tutorials. Check them out in the new Flash Tutorials section

Revamped tutorial Section

Finally, the new tutorial section is up. There are new sections up for Macromedia Flash Tutorials, and Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. The new area will help accomodate new tutorials. Check out the new tutorial section.

The Amazing Laser Scope: In our Vault 90

Debuting in 1990, the LaserScope was the amazing Voice activated firing system for the Nintendo. Take a look back at the The LaserScope by Konami.

Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition

The Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition Review

Daniel Giordan attempts to explain the marriage between aesthetics and advanced features of Photoshop with this version of "The Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition."
Check out our review of Daniel Giordan's Art of Photoshop CS2 Edition.

Creative Lodging Solutions Graphic Design

Solidoxygen Studios has just put the finishing touches on's new redesigned site. Check out the new Creative Lodging solutions Designs

Graphic Design for

Designers is a new community based website that provides exposure for Graphic Designers. It is located in Cincinnati and is just beginning a long relationship with Check out the designs for

BUSY Busy Business

It has been an absolute mad house around here recently. I've needed to do updates for sometime, unfortunately I've been too backed up to get to the site. Solidoxygen Studios and 3rd Dimension Design has just moved into a new office. The moving coupled with numerous client projects going on has made a hectic working state. I have been working with Idea Art to finish up the stationery project. I have also been working with Kyrenfaire- getting them ads for the Renaissance Magazine issue. I have also done some revisions for Lean Associates, and just rapped up a photoshoot with 3 new Visionportfolio models. There are going to be some changes to the Tutorial Section soon. I'm going to break it up to facilitate new sections. I will be adding a section immediately for Macromedia Flash Tutorials. I also will begin work soon for the Hickory College Church of Christ site, as well as a video for them as well. Absolute craziness.

Create a Waving Flag

This tutorial walks the artist through the process of taking a 2D flag and giving it a 3d Wave effect. Learn to take any 2D flag image and give it a 3D wave effect.

Graphic Design for Cincy Hip Hop event

Solidoxygen Studios just completed an event flyer for LifeForce Ent. out of Dayton OH. The event is the Thowback Halloween Party at Annies Entertainment Complex on the 28th of Oct. Guru of Gangstarr is just one of the headliners scheduled for the show. Check out the designs for the Cincinnati Event.

Final Graphic Designs for Idea Art

Well it's final. Solidoxygen Studios will have a design printed in the next Idea Art stationery catalogue. There was one opening in the Corporate Identity section and Solidoxygen Studios provided the winning Design. The design will be featured as a letter head, business card, envelope and trifold brochure. Check out the newest Ideaart Corporate Identity design

Create Intersecting Links

Create two links that intersect with each other. Make intersecting links.

Splash With Text

This tutorial walks the artist through the process of creating text inside of a splash graphic. Make a splash within a graphic.

Create a Software Box

Author: GraphicMentor
Create a fake software box for any software or CD/DVD products that you have created and want to sell online. Make a Software box now!

Tiger Handheld games

Tiger Handhelds lookback on

Early 90's Poorman's Gameboy. At the time they were very popular. They were more addictive than Pringles; You couldn't have just one. Take a look back in this feature of the Tiger Handheld Game.

Make a Newspaper Picture

Make any Picture an old Newspaper Pic

Old Newspaper pictures have a very distinct look. Brown, sparse black ink, and no depth at all. Learn how to mimic that effect and start making old Newspaper Pictures.

Idea Art Stationary Designs

Click here to check out the possible Idea Art Stationary Designs

Rhapsody Music Service Review

Rhapsody Music Service Review

Do you spend hours on end downloading illegal tracks looking for new tunes you aren't going to like anyway? Should you go clean with Rhapsody?
Check out our true blue Review of Rhapsody Music Service.

steal a pattern from a website

Steal someone's Pattern for your picture or DESIGN

Have you ever seen a pattern in someones website and wished you could put that pattern in your sig or design? Well with this easy process you can make any background yours. Start Stealing Backgrounds NOW

custom shape tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: Skullz Custom Shape TUT

A new Tutorial to make a custom skull shape has been posted. Check it out.

SBI Training Designs

I just posted the site designs for the redesign for Click here

Site Updates

Updated the 3dd Site. Worked on the CMS. Everything should be up by the weekend.

Stationary Logos for the Kentucky Renaissance Fest

Go here to download the logo for the Kyrenfaire Click here

Libertas College Counseling Designs

Site designs for the Libertas College Counseling site are up. Check out the Libertas Designs here

Highland Renaissance Festival updates

The flyers for the Kentucky Renaissance Festival are printed and complete. The founders of the fair will be at the Kentucky State Fair next week passing out information. We are currently developing a content management system for the website.

Kentucky Renfaire added to Gallery

The Solidoxygen Studios Gallery has been updated to include the KYRENFAIRE.COM site. Work is still in progress for the site. You can see the listing in the Solidoxygen Studios Gallery

Highland Renaissance Festival updates

The flyers for the Kentucky Renaissance Festival are printed and complete. The founders of the fair will be at the Kentucky State Fair next week passing out information. We are currently developing a content management system for the website.

custom brush tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Fake a Hand-drawn look

A new Tutorial for faking a hand-drawn look has been posted. Check it out.

Redesign of FrontPage

I just redesigned the home page of Solidoxygen Studios. I think the home page is a little more "wild" now.

custom brush tutorial

New Tutorial for Photoshop CS

A tutorial for creating brushes in Photoshop has just been posted. Check it out.

3 sets of Brushes for Photoshop CS

I just posted 3 sets of brushes for download in the Resources Section. They are Free of charge.

Submit a Tutorial

Tutorial Submission

We now accept tutorial posting in the tutorial section. This is a great way to spread your expertise and your business's reputation. Click here for more info.

Kentucky Renaissance Fair

Renaissance Fair Site Designs

The preliminary site designs for the KY Renfaire are complete. The logo is also complete and will hopefully be approved. The actual fair won't be until next summer, so we've got a year to get everything put together.Click here for more info.

KY Ren Fair

Just started designing for the KY Renaissance Fair. Took some pictures of some medieval weapons, and getting some ideas. Hope to get enlightened.

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