2005: 1st half: News archives

Work Work Work

Rss for Vision-Resume is up, tryin to get it submitted to some places. Trying to go back through and get make some updates. Working on VisionPortfolio as well. It will hopefully be firing on all pistons very shortly. Rock Check out the new Syndicated News area

Canon ef75-300mm lens

Canon Ef75-300mm Lens Reviewed

Looking for a new zoom lens for your Canon SLR? Here is my review of the very affordable EF 75-300mm Check out the review along with some sample pictures of the Ef 75-300mm in action.

Canon A70 Point and Shoot Camera Reviewed

Check out the review of the very hearty Canon A70. This compact point-and-shoot camera is super simple to use, and the results are always great. Check it out!

New Tutorial Added

A new tutorial for creating and editing antique advertisements has just been added. More tutorials on the way. Click here to go

Oh happy day

Just finished up a photo shoot in down town lex. It's great adding people to the VisionPortfolio site. Vision-Resume is getting its day in the sun this coming Tuesday. We will be doing the first round of advertising for it. I think we are all pretty excited about that. I am also putting the finishing touches on the Prehistoric Kiosk. That makes me very very happy. - J

The Day After Vegas

Okay, back from Vegas. Going to put some tutorials up sometime soon. Thanks to Scott Burns and BQ Internet for hosting the site. VP is doing some cool stuff. VR is doing some cool stuff I'm working on Kiosk stuff for the week. I hope I can finish it this week. Stay tuned. Grand things are in the making!!

Updates from BEYOND

Well, It's official.. I'm a slacker. Been working my booty off with the kiosk for SCKCC (Museum of the Barrens). I have also done some flash ads and such for Vision-Résumé.com. I've got a host more blogs started, and they are listed on the side. Also.. Going to Vegas on Thursday. I'm excited about that and hope it goes well. SO.. here are some links to the stuff going on.

Paleo section of the Kiosk


Check out the models that just joined the VP Community!

VisionPortfolio front pages

Here are the possible front pages for VisionPortfolio... Of Course these are in production. Click the thumbnail for a larger version

VisionPortfolio VS. Modeling Agencies

Vision-Resume is now looking to model agencies for support. After looking at competing products we have come to the conclusion that Vision-Resume is a superior format for viewing/browsing/finding models, actors and just about anyone interested in the talent industry. It seems that if a person is actually interested in becoming a model, they have to submit pictures and pending approval, may or may not become affiliated with an agency or even considered for jobs. One such site that does this is Model Scouts. We at Vision-Resume found this to be awful and rather biased. We thought that the client should have the final vote on who to be their model/spokesperson/actor etc. SO our answer is VisionPortfolio. VisionPortfolio creates a portfolio website for the model. The site will have their measurements, information, schedules, pictures and whatever else the model might like to include. The great part is that it is fully editable all of the time. Our product also gives the model the edge when they want to self promote. Since it is a website, they can send the link to anyone. There isn't any hard addresses to remember or logins that need to be provided. Just one easy address to send out! Another great feature to VisionPortfolio is that we are building a community. When a model starts a portfolio she is entering a database of talent. This database will be searchable by top modeling agencies or even clients. This truly gives the model the upper hand, and gives them more work to choose from.


Today I'm looking at ways of search engine optimization as well as ways of submitting sites to search engines. This is quite a task and there doesn't seem to be a clean cut way to go about doing it. I have found some really great resources on the matter, but even with these resources it still remains a murky subject. One good site for search engine submission is Submit Express. This site claims to submit your url to 40 search engines for free. They even have a full list of the search engines that they list to. Hopefully in the near future I can have a web "how-to" in the tutorial section that will help to further the knowledge of the subject.

I began work on the kiosk for the South Central Cultural Center today. This kiosk is supposed to provide an interactive source of information about Primitive Humans in the Barrens. I have flow charted the project and now I'm assembling the materials to populate the presentation. The layout is big and chunky, but is required for the touch screen controls. Click the link to check it out. PREHISTORIC MAN
Also a great site to check out is (Becoming This site is a great example of what I hope the kiosk will become.

I Just completed a mock up for a mural that I may be doing. The images are for 3 of the 4 walls.

I have an absolute cornucopia of things going on right now. I've just begun work for the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center in Glasgow, Kentucky. I will be constructing wall sized photos and standup figurines as well as help completing various exhibits. Aside from exhibit conceptualization, I will also be constructing interactive kiosk to be spread through out the museum

Below I have a series of the concepts for certain exhibits. Just click on the thumbnail

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